Pig Butchering at The Brooklyn Kitchen

Ksenia and I ventured to The Brooklyn Kitchen one Wednesday night in May to take a class on pig butchering, but not before stopping in the Kitchen to purchase some Weck jars.  The class started by Sara informing us on where the roughly 7-month old Berkshire pig she was about to break down came from – Farmer Bruce, from Sir William Berkshire farm in Dutchess County, NY.  Throughout the class, she broke down the pig, literally from head to tail, making 3 major cuts on the body, while also cooking up some very tasty Meat Hook made sausage and simply prepared pork sirloin chop from a pig that had been butchered that afternoon.

Sara displays her butchery arsenal.

The Meat Hook’s meat locker

Wrestling the leg joint out of ham

After such displays of meat, I purchased some Boerewors sausage, traditional South African sausage meaning ‘farmers sausage’, and cooked up some supper, along with some spring peas, spinach and scallions.

Add in some roasted peaches, and I can taste summer already.



~ by drywoodburstingintoflame on June 1, 2012.

One Response to “Pig Butchering at The Brooklyn Kitchen”

  1. Love the addition of roasted peaches! Yum. That night was most excellent :)

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