Sing-a-long Brunch

Sunday mornings are made for brunch and since we’ve had a hankering of late to both watch and belt the lyrics to two films which have yet to be shown in front of a loud, drunken audience at the Bell House, a sing-a-long brunch was conceived and had!  Our films of choice: The Sound of Music and My Fair Lady.  Now fans of the sing-a-long, do check if your dvd of The Sound of Music has a special sing-a-long subtitle setting, because that made us the happiest girls in the world!

Below, all the fixings for a pumpkin cranberry walnut bread – not my usual Fannie Farmer pumpkin bread with its cake-like consistency, but a no-knead bread, complete with yeast and risings.

Sliced logs of what will be Lady Grey Shortbread Cookies

My bun, fresh from the oven

Slightly deflated bun – pumpkin bread complete only with pumpkin knife.  Thank you Kuhn Rikon for making slicing fun and safe!

A lovely and healthy fruit salad!

Trying to be all Martha Stewart – if only I had doilies…

Asparagus Leek Frittata – works like a charm every time!

Here comes the good part – cinnamon and cardamom infused apple cider with a healthy dose of spiced Kraken rum

Themed cups – Mustachioed man, meet London Gent

The ladies love the Kraken in the morning – another sort of painkiller for the ladies with aches and pains

K’s lovely apple cheddar dumplings!

No-knead Pumpkin Bread with Walnuts and Cranberries

Asparagus Leek Frittata

Earl Grey Shortbread Cookies (feel free to substitute Lady Grey tea leaves!)


~ by drywoodburstingintoflame on December 9, 2011.

One Response to “Sing-a-long Brunch”

  1. yum. let’s do it again once everyone is feeling better :)

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