Thanksgiving Weekend Cooking

Thanksgiving Weekend is made for feasting, and a trip to the Botanical Gardens in the Bronx and nearby Arthur Ave provided ample inspiration for a Saturday dinner.

Pappardelle with Rabbit and Porcini Ragu

La Cucina Italiana: Pappardelle with Rabbit and Porcini Ragu

Freshly made and cut pappardelle from Borgatti’s

The ragu, substituting porcini mushrooms for shiitaki, as that was all we had in the house.  The rabbit was our inspiration, spotted in the windows of the butcher shops along Arthur Ave.  Thank goodness we had the butcher to break down the hare and dispose of its little head for us!  I am used to many things, but butchering a rabbit and dealing with the head and its little bunny eyes is not one of them.

With freshly grated Parmesan also from Arthur Ave

And a glass of apple cider steeped with cardamom and cloves and a fingerful of brandy to boot!


Martha Stewart’s Chewy Ginger Chocolate Cookies

Something went a little wrong here – was it my overly generous portions of cocoa power?  The pans, or baking time?  Regardless, our cookies did not flatten out during baking the way Martha’s did, and turned out to look almost unappetizingly like little turds.

Love the KitchenAid Stand Mixer!  Makes creaming butter so easy!

Our little gingery, chocolate molasses cookies cover with raw sugar


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One Response to “Thanksgiving Weekend Cooking”

  1. yummm. I am glad to be less sick and have my appetite back!:)

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