The New Nordic Cooking of Iceland

I came home on Wednesday night smelling like I had smoked a full pack of cigarettes.  In reality, it was not cigarettes – we used hay to smoke our arctic char in the New Nordic Cooking of Iceland class at Ger-Nis.  Nordic cooking is becoming more than just a blip on the foodie scene of New York, as I’d also seen a class on modern Scandinavian cuisine advertised at ICE, but having been in Iceland only a short month ago, what fantastic timing for classes to start appearing.

I didn’t have a proper camera with me, but the kitchen space at Ger-Nis was adorned with flowers – pansies, and violets, – that we would be using to make an herb salad, pine boughs that we’d be using in a langoustine dish, and as forementioned, hay.   You taste Iceland in every bite, and while the ingredients themselves aren’t new – the way we’re using and combining them was new to me.


Icelandic Herb & Moss Salad with Buttermilk Dressing

Pine Bough Sautéed Langoustines and Crispy Shallots with Nori Salt and Shallot Mayonnaise

Hay Smoked Arctic Char and Celery Root Purée with Wood Sorrel Ash and Pickled Pearl Onions

Skyr Mousse with Crowberry Sauce and Sweet Rye Bread Dust

And to finish off the meal with skyr mousse topped with toasted rye bread dust and cranberry jam – such amazing mix of delicate, creamy flavors combined with the just tart enough cranberry sauce, the texture and taste of the rye dust complementing the almost frozen, ice cream-like consistency of the skyr mousse.

Jody and Nissa were wonderful instructors – they took a lot of care to not only provide an incredible work space, but included details such as Brennevin during the cooking session, tea brewed using Icelandic flowers and herbs, Rene Redzepi’s moss salt, and dried bacalao and dried fish from Iceland.  Jody’s working on a book with Icelander and New Nordic Kitchen pioneer Gunnar Karl Gíslason and although they’ve just started, I can’t wait to see how it turns out!  Deliciously, I’m thinking :)


~ by drywoodburstingintoflame on October 6, 2011.

2 Responses to “The New Nordic Cooking of Iceland”

  1. Hay smoking! Fun :) but hard to attempt in an apt setting haha.

    Where are pictures of the food??! xoxo

    • And yet I took some hay home to perhaps try! I’m worried the hay is giving my room an l’eau de barn smell. Unfortunately I was too wrapped up in the food making and eating to take photos – it would have looked amazing on the Canon though! xx

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