Newport Folk Festival

Last July I had a plan.  It was not particularly well thought out, but it embodied the spontaneity that I usually forgo in favor of plan-making.  Having just recently become attune to the music festival scene, the week of Newport Folk Festival I tried to convince Leah that we should drive to Newport.  Alas, we didn’t end up going, but it strengthened our resolve to make it happen in 2011.  And this is what ensued:

Ksenia, Leah and I drove up to Boston on Saturday, spending the night in Newton, and drove to Newport early Sunday morning, stopping for breakfast in Newport for a delicious and fortifying breakfast.

Heading to the festival!

Mountain Man on the Alex and Ani Stage at Newport.  Wonderful harmonies well suited to an attentive, mainly seated audience.

Like no udder – non dairy soft serve in Rhode Island.  Trucks are all the rage!

The crowd of kayakers and boaters – what a wonderful way to hear the Main Stage of the Festival – although I’m sure they didn’t make eye contact with Amos Lee like we did!

View of the Main Stage from the back of the Fort Adams grounds.  Wonderful tents and setups abounded.

Hey there Bob Boilen!  NPR has been a constant source of wonderful new music and live concerts, and keeps me hip with what the kids are listening to these days.  All Songs Considered is one of my favorite podcasts to listen to while at work, and although Carrie Brownstein is missed, the show does go on.  I loved their episode on Songs that Make You Cry.  (see the part about Cat Steven’s “The Wind” for tears – the good kind)

Amos Lee at the Main Stage.  We joined the throngs of standing fans next to the stage by walking past the front of the stage (standing oh so close to the swoonworthy Amos Lee) and endeared ourselves (we like to think) to Amos by being a part of the Standing vs. Sitting crowd.

So glad to be here :)

The day’s favorite: The Head and the Heart.  The Head and the Heart have been a favorite band of mine since I heard their live concerts rebroadcasted on NPR and listened to their cd nonstop.  Embodying the folk scene, THATH (as they are affectionately known as by their fans) is a band out of Seattle with the most wonderful 3-part harmonies, lush, layered sound, and incredible live energy.  Playing to a packed stage at Newport, the violin malfunctioned at one point, but they continued onwards, none the worse.  Endearing and lovely.

The Civil Wars – cutest onstage personalities, rounded out our Sunday at the Newport Folk Festival.  What a wonderful festival – first year it was completely sold out before the festival began – and I definitely hope to return!

Sigh.  Good day…  :)

So many bands, so little time…  It was impossible to see everyone we wanted to see (and I would have loved to see The Freelance Whales and Typhoon), but I loved every minute of it.


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  1. It was so lovely – I wish it could have lasted all summer haha :)

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