Feast Upon: Seared Duck with Chimichurri

The birthday celebrations came early this year in the form of a cooking lunch with Yi from new local business, Feast Upon.  Intended to bring local restaurants and farmers into your kitchen, Feast Upon delivers farm-fresh ingredients for a pre-selected recipe right to your door.  The novice-friendly recipes were conceived of and tested by chefs who have restaurants in the Park Slope/Prospect Heights area, and Feast Upon offers 3 different recipes from 3 different chefs including my pick – Seared Duck with Chimichurri from Palo Santo chef – Jacques Gatier.

All the ingredients for your meal including the recipe come packed in a Feast Upon bag, and the duck breast comes wrapped in brown paper with twine.  Simple and homey presentation.


To whet your appetite, Feast Upon sends you an email with a bio of the chef who conceived the recipe, and a list of which local farms the ingredients came from:

*Where we found the best ingredients for your meal*

Hudson Valley Duck Breast- Ferndale, NY

Purple Kale- Landisdale Farm, PA

Fingerling Potatoes, Sheldon Farms, NY

Garlic, Glebocki Farms, NY

Shallots- Glebocki Farms, NY

Jalapeno, chives, parsley- Satur Farms

Cilantro, thyme, oregano- Satur Farms, NY

Cooking duck for the very first time!  Off we go…

Perfectly portioned out ingredients for the chimichurri sauce: garlic, shallots, jalepeno, sherry vinegar, oregano, thyme, parsley, cilantro with our cooking instructions.

Here is Yi wishing she had the food chopper she won at Dave and Buster’s for her birthday.

The duck resting before we gobble it up – note the wonderfully crispy duck skin!

Succulent, divine morsels!  Moulard duck breast from Hudson Valley Duck Farm – the Moulard duck is leaner than Peking duck with the same dose of flavor.  Hudson Valley Duck Farm products are available at the Union Square and Grand Army Plaza Farmers Markets on various days of the week – I’ve sampled their smoked duck breast (heavenly!) and eaten a full tub of their duck rillette smeared on slightly toasted sourdough and stout bread.

The spread.  Sure – this could have feed more than just the two of us but frankly, where’s the fun in that?  The red Russian kale was sauteed in the duck fat – surely the most delicious way to prepare seasonal vegs, but doesn’t everything just taste better with a little duck fat?

Roasted fingerling potatoes on the side.

Very happy campers!

Two thumbs up for Feast Upon’s Seared Duck Breast with Chimichurri – definitely a wonderful birthday gift and a wonderful meal from a wonderfully conceived and executed start-up!  Yi and I couldn’t stop gushing about the entire experience while we were cooking and eating – let’s call that being drunk off duck and duck fat.

Feast Upon

An Interview with Feast Upon Founder Quinn Fitzgerald

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One Response to “Feast Upon: Seared Duck with Chimichurri”

  1. This is so great! Mmm duck fat, What an awesome present and idea. And execution too, obviously :)

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