Weekend Jaunt: Astoria

Hello whomever’s out there in cyberspace, I’ve been really quite remiss in blog postings.  But the past month has really been a whirlwind of fun activities, coupled with a dramatic change in the weather.  Goodbye April, Hello May.

This past Saturday our intramural, non-profit-inspired softball team (yay team sports and for a great team!) took a little outing to Astoria, Queens for a few at bats at the Astoria Sports Complex.  Tallying about 15 people, with an hour and a half in the batting cages, came to about $4 per person, and was followed by a visit to Arepas Cafe – which was the best arepas I have ever had.  Seriously – sorry Caracas and every other Venezuelan cafe I’ve previously encountered.  Arepas Cafe takes the cake – I had the Reina: chicken, avocado, with just a bit of mayo to help bind – a creamy mixture that was every bit as satisfying and tasty as it sounds, and some of the boys tried baby shark.  Go figure.  When in Queens…

And post, batting cages, post-arepa stupor, we headed to join the rest of the team at the just-under-a-year-old Studio Square beer garden, which was open for Kentucky Derby madness, complete with a big screen, games, Kentucky swamp juice, and hats galore.  Most rivaled our hats at the horse races we had gone to at Astoria, and we applauded their efforts.

What a good Saturday :)

~ by drywoodburstingintoflame on May 10, 2011.

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