Bat Your Heart Out – Chelsea Piers Batting Cages

So we’ve joined a softball team, and the four of us ladies are pretty pumped about it.  So pumped in fact, that we found only one way to express our enthusiasm while practicing for impending games – the batting cages at Chelsea Piers’ Field House.  While the Field House is located way, way, waaaay over on the western edge of the city of Manhattan, they have large facilities for gymnastics, indoor soccer, indoor basketball, indoor rock climbing, etc… and there’s a pretty view of the Hudson to boot.  While we were a little loathe to put on the helmets, at Chelsea Piers they have four cages (taking tokens – 10 pitches for $2.50) at varying speeds.  We opted for the realistic slow, softball pitch, and at 40 pitches per person – we had a fantastic time.  When the weather becomes nicer (read: bearable), a session at the batting cages + the Frying Pan (or Rusty Knot) sounds ideal.  Huzzah!

Also – there were some crazy Parkour classes happening at Chelsea Piers if anyone’s ever had a desire to scale structures like a monkey!

Chelsea Piers – Batting Cages

~ by drywoodburstingintoflame on March 28, 2011.

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