Weekend Highlights

With Friday temperatures reaching into the high 60’s and just brushing the 70’s mark ever so slightly, spring has sprung.  Of course Mother Nature would not be Mother Nature unless she brought our delirium over the impending warm days and nights crashing back down to reality – the projected forecast for the week ahead not only includes rain, but also snow.  What?  March showers weren’t good enough to dampen our spirits – you had to throw in a mini-snowmageddon?

Anyways, Friday’s sunny disposition was perfect, and brought out the skirts, sandals and dresses that have been sitting patiently in our closets all winter long.  A taste of the season to come.

Friday Night: re-enter the world of outdoor drinking

Brooklyn Brewery in Williamsburg – as diverse a crowd as any, and clearly many had been there since the afternoon.  Tokens are exchanged for beer, and the Winter Seasonal Beer, and the Brooklyn Brewery Main Engine Starter are both on tap currently.  Unfortunately, no outdoor area, but still worth a trip.  Minus points for the metal chairs and fold out tables.

Union Pool in Williamsburg – large outdoor patio with twinkling lights, a taco truck, and a cozy spot by the BQE.  Always a favorite.

Motorino in Williamsburg – I highly recommend the seasonal special: brussels sprouts + pecorino pizza.

(Flickr: roboppy)

Hot Bird in Clinton Hill – once again, an outdoor patio but this time with a fire pit, and warm retro outfittings inside.  Points for being one of my Brokelyn Beer coupons.  A new favorite haunt.  I will be seeing you again.

(Flickr: 12th St David)


Pushing Daisies Pie Party – We brought a salted caramel apple pie from Four and Twenty Blackbirds, which is heavenly with subtle notes of caramel and hints of salt.  Apple pie times ten.  On the home-made front, we were enticed by a strawberry and rhubarb pie (complete with hand cutout to symbolize Ned’s special touch), chocolate whoopie pies, and a peanut butter pie.  Also a cutie pie in the form of a 1-year old.

Oh Ned – and the rest of the Pushing Daisies cast – how I’ve missed you.

Birthday Party – karaoke style.  Natalie Imbruglia’s Torn is where it’s at.  Angry girl anthems.


Naidre’s in Park Slope – Farmer John panini and a cold-brewed iced coffee.  There was something so delicious about sitting in Naidre’s, eating a panini, drinking iced coffee, and pretending to read while I really just peered over the top of my book to people-watch the Sunday street traffic in Park Slope.  Love the neighborhood.

Clothing Swap – Nothing to reinvigorate your wardrobe like clearing it free of the items that you never reach for, reach for but then always put back, or have only worn a handful of times.  Thrifty girls get rewarded with new clothing free of charge.  Although I returned home with more clothes than I dropped off at the swap, my closet just feels better.  Or maybe I just feel better getting so many cute, new things.  :)

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  1. Thanks for reminding me of all the things that I love about Brooklyn. Nice post and lovely photos.

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