Brooklyn Art Library

After a visit to the Brooklyn Art Library  (N. 3rd St. in Williamsburg) and a brief perusal through the stacks housing the Sketchbook Project, I did as I said I was going to do and signed myself up for the “A Million Little Pictures” photo project through the Brooklyn Art Co-op.  And voila!  A few days later, a package arrived bearing a brief introduction, a disposable camera emblazoned with the AMLP logo, and a return envelope with a tag discreetly reminding me of my theme: In Progress.

Photo prints due back mid-June.  Storyboarding now.

Photos from The Brooklyn Art Library one sunny, Saturday afternoon:

Sketchbooks all housed in the distinctive brown Moleskine binding adorn one full side of the room.  The other side displays goods from days of yore for sale: vintage graphite pencils and pen quills, lined school notebooks, film cameras, vintage copies of Hans Christian Anderson’s book – all things Brooklynites love.

A model airplane hangs in the entry way.

Sketchbook Project theme: A record year for rainfall.

Sketchbook Project theme: I could’ve been home by now.

Brooklyn Art Co-op


~ by drywoodburstingintoflame on March 9, 2011.

3 Responses to “Brooklyn Art Library”

  1. Love the idea, don’t suppose they let you do that if you’re in the UK?

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