Whole Foods’ Wicked Green Tea Gelato

Spring is in the air (it may have only been in the 50’s today, but it felt like the 60’s) and I’m starting to crave ice cream again.  Life is good.

My new obsession: Whole Foods’ Wicked Green Tea Gelato.  I had no idea that Whole Foods even had their own brand of gelato (but then again, they do make everything else), and have no idea if the gelato is particular to the Tribeca Whole Foods, but when I stopped by tonight, they had a small selection of hand-packed gelato and sorbet including a maple flavor.

The Wicked Green Tea gelato has a good deal more matcha green tea powder than most gelato flavors (and less dairy), lending it a really nice richness and depth, without the heaviness of the cream/milk.


Also, red cabbage is eerily reminiscent of brain. (This post might also have been titled: My Sunday Trip to Whole Foods).

Using my mandolin correctly to make a red cabbage salad with warm pancetta balsamic dressing (correctly meaning I didn’t cut myself).

Again, feeling the spring air, other vegetables are stepping in to take their place in the repertoire.

Sorry kale, we’ll always have winter.

I’ve never really used cabbage before, but this recipe sounded like it would hit the spot with a slight crunch, a touch of sweetness and be incredibly simple to whip together on a Sunday night.  The ingredients come together really well – I left out the currants and substituted a few squirts of honey into the mix to add the sweet to balance out the bacon, and added a few sprigs of thyme to use up some of the thyme in my fridge.  The toasted almonds are a nice touch.

Recipe: Red Cabbage Salad with Warm Pancetta Balsamic Dressing


~ by drywoodburstingintoflame on March 6, 2011.

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