Trending: Pop Up Dining

Pop ups are among the string of trends that currently graces New York.  It reminds us that permanence not necessary to create something that lasts and is worthy of remembrance.  The idea itself follows on the footsteps of food trucks, and banks on the fact that like art installations, the collaborators can come together in an inspiring manner to create…something, a spectacle, a fad, a topic of conversation, a revolution.  What is fleeting is precious.

The What Happens When Restaurant Pop Up is the next step in redefining food in New York, and I’m curious to see what comes of it.  The restaurant, with Chef John Fraser of Dovetail, will open for 9 months, every 30 days changing the menu, the design, the space itself.  I have reservations for February 23 (I believe Movement #2), so I’ll let you know.


What Happens When – Restaurant:

“Cooks want guests to focus on the plates, I want people to look around.”
– Chef John Fraser

Every 30 days guests at What Happens When will experience a new menu, a new interior design, a new brand and a new soundscape for the space.

We call these changes Movements.

Our goal is to make people look around. To invite wonder and reflection. And to see What Happens When

What Happens When NYC – Reserve Now


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