The Sky Box @ The House of YES

The circus is for kids.  I haven’t been to the circus in ages, and I’ve long felt jaded about circus acts, performers and freakshows.  The glitz of the high top of the Big Apple Circus didn’t glimmer with the same sheen as circuses of yore, during their wild hey-days as dramatized in Water for Elephants.  Barnum and Bailey’s Greatest Show on Earth has always felt overly pronounced.  And with controversy surrounding animal cruelty, reality tv taking over the niche that freakshows and sideshows formerly filled, and the mass urbanization, you have to wonder how sustainable circuses are.

But…despite the cynicism with which I went into a Friday performance of The Sky Box at The House of Yes in Brooklyn, I was awed and dare I say it, filled with child-like wonder again.  Friday night was The Sky Box’s monthly aerial and variety show – the kickoff event for 2011 at The House of Yes in Bushwick.  The Sky Box is an aerial community that teaches the aerial arts from the trapeze to silks to sexy dance to pole dancing.

The aerialists mostly amazed me with their skill at tricks, athleticism, and with how easy as pie they made it look, twisting from trick to trick with the ease of and grace of gymnasts.  The Amazing Amy was mostly strange – how often do you see 70 year old women contorting their bodies in ways you think should perhaps come with a warning?  The Love Show was unexpectedly a burlesque show, but even that had a modicum of entertainment.  The ukelele playing Lady Scountington cracked up the crowd with dead pan jokes and an ode to Penelope Cruz.  Jelly Boy the Clown breathed fire, strung plastic tubes through various orifices and allowed audience members to staple money to his body for a song and a dance (no seriously, he just took the money).  And it all ended with a dance/aerial number to Katy Perry’s Firework.

Come one, come all – the circus is still in town.

Last night’s lineup:
Albert Cadabra
Lady Scountington
The Love Show
Jelly Boy the Clown
The Amazing Amy
Josh Driesacker
Jeff Garber
Tara McManus
Graham Stockdale
Jaunita Cardenas

If you want to join the circus:

The Sky Box

The Trapeze Loft


~ by drywoodburstingintoflame on January 16, 2011.

One Response to “The Sky Box @ The House of YES”

  1. If you’d like several more modicums (modici?) of entertainment, please come see me host The Love Show: Go Fuck Yourself (a pre-Valentine’s Day dance cabaret) at Public Assembly on February 7th. Doors at 9, show at 9:30. $10. No minimum. Delicious food available courtesy of Cubana Social. If you’re really nice to us, we won’t just hand you a few modici of entertainment; we’ll dish out a plethora or two!

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