B+R: Secret Santas and Holiday Luncheons

As always, B+R is abuzz with the holiday spirit, and this year was no slouch in the cheer department.  We had our annual holiday lunch at Nobu yesterday afternoon – we had only to put thought into our cocktails, as the menu was a wonderful already chosen surprise each course.

B+R Gifts

But before lunch, all of the employees received our holiday cheer in the form of wonderfully thoughtful books tailored to each person’s interests and personality – I’m incredibly excited to start perusing Falling Cloudberries: A World of Family Recipes by Tessa Kiros, which from the outset of things is heartwarming, interspersed with anecdotes and beautiful photographs.  Robin actually gave this book to Linda, and they in turn thought of it for me.   So sweet.  I’m so tickled by the books they choose for each person – Mark received an Annie Leibovitz retrospective, Adrian got a book on Pixar’s animations featuring pop up elements, Andrew will be reading Keith Richard’s autobiography, Sara will be learning how to cook baby food for her impending young one, and Elle will be reading a book immortalizing Isabella Blow and her creations.  Lilly also gave out these sweet winter white flower bulbs to plant (Lilly has a particular talent for gift giving – always giving things that you need but didn’t even know you needed them – both sweet and thoughtful).

Gourmet Magazine’s Review of Falling Cloudberries – Cookbook Club Selection

“Organized by country, Falling Cloudberries chronicles the author’s life, as revealed, she writes, by “the recipes that have stayed with me.” Compared with other books of this genre, there is relatively little text, but Kiros has a warm voice, and her story is compelling. She was born in London to a Finnish mother and a Greek-Cypriot father and raised primarily in South Africa. There were trips “home” to grandparents, where Iso Isä, her Finnish grandfather, made his gravadlax, and Pappou, her Cypriot grandfather, grilled souvlaki and fried artichokes. As a young woman, she traveled the globe, working in restaurants in Australia, Mexico, and London before settling in Tuscany to marry, raise her girls, and write her cookbooks.”

Nobu – Tribeca, New York – 105 Hudson St.

We started with yellowtail sashimi with jalepeno and a seared tuna salad with fresh market greens and a sesame, ponzu, radish dressing.  Next up, we had codfish with miso sauce and shrimp tempura with a sushi platter.  And to top it off, we enjoyed the Mango Yuzu champagne with mango yuzu gelee, fresh mango, lemon olive oil sponge, and a coconut crumble in a martini glass.   And something to wash it down with?  Grapefruit cocktails, Hudson whiskey cocktails and sake galore.

Secret Santa Gifts

So you can guess the state of things by the end of lunch, when we all opened our Secret Santa gifts – a tradition just two years old.  $10 gifts are fairly stressful, but more so when your boss is your recipient and their hint is “i’m easy, get me anything.”  I suppose any gift is a reflection of both the gift giver and the gift recipient – an amalgam of their personalities in the best possible way.  Unless you’re a terrible gift giver and the gift says nothing about you other than, this is hard (truth: gift giving is hard).  Anyways, I ended up bequeathing a small ceramic bowl from Fishs Eddy with a grater image, and the words “i feel grate.”  This says: I enjoy kitchen puns and hope you do too.  I always love going down the table, seeing what everyone else got and seeing who gave what.  Sara was my Secret Santa and gave to me wonderful treats from Bklyn Larder, which is funnily enough, just the kind of thing I would have gotten for myself.

Festivities post lunch were continued at Ninth Ward – with cosy booths, a Southern vibe, Sixpoint on tap and a roaring fireplace, this is sure to become one of my new favorite bars.  Ninth Ward – at 2nd Ave and 11th Street

Life is sweet.

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