HP Countdown: 1 More Day (For Me)

Apparently I’m way more excited that I’m seeing Harry Potter tomorrow than I initially thought, or thought possible a week ago.  After last night’s pre-screening party at Galapagos, I’m pumped.  This may have started when I “drew” Gryffindor out of the “Sorting Hat.”  And by drew, I mean the girl at the door gave me a slip of paper that was misspelled “Gryfinndor.”  Natch.

Although no one at last night’s gathering of Muggles and wizards was going to the midnight screening, there was still plenty of excitement and Harry Potter love (and butter beer – a combination of beer and butterscotch liquor?  I still maintain its more like apple cider with bourbon) in the air.  My favorite part were the dramatic readings of Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets – I forget how much I love being read to, an art that you don’t see unless you’re a school teacher, parent or you just like reading aloud.  The readings were thrilling and had me itching to re-read the books.  All seven of them.

Another highlight was during trivia where the school teachers sitting next to me produced a cheat sheet written by their 4th graders.  The title at the top of the hand-written piece of paper read: Harry Potter Facts.  Too cute.

MTV Video: Harry Potter Stars Practice Their American Accents


~ by drywoodburstingintoflame on November 19, 2010.

One Response to “HP Countdown: 1 More Day (For Me)”

  1. Just one more reason I LOVE NYC (I’m pretty jealous you got to experience this)!

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