Potter Mania


This image combines my love for all things Harry Potter and for Jay Z who is releasing his book real soon.  If you want to become endeared to the man who brought us Hard Knock Life and Empire State of Mind, listen to his Fresh Air interview with Michele Norris.  B is one lucky lady.

NPR Fresh Air Interview: Jay Z Decoded


Tonight Galapagos is throwing a Harry Potter Pre-Screening Party that encompasses all of the below:

Harry Potter in Critical Context Lecture: Ever wondered how the Harry Potter series stacks up under a critical literary investigation? Ever wished your college lectures could have been a close study of Hermione as feminist heroine ? Ever noticed how they both (almost) end in ‘ione’? Interesting…or a coincidence? Do the Weasley twins play the traditional role of the Shakespearian clown?

House Team Quiz: You better hope our staff sorting hat doesn’t put you on the Slytherin team. The winning house team gets 100 points (or free drinks tickets, your choice).

Dramatic Extract Readings: We have recruited some of the most fabulous New York City professional actors and actresses for your listening pleasure, sit back with frothy pint of Butter Beer and listen to dramatic readings of key scenes from each novel. To name a few, Tiffany Abercrombie of the Prospect Park Alliance’s production of Henry IV, Lauren Ferebee of the Rebellious Subjects Theatre production of Three Sisters and of the Extant Art’s production of Two Gentleman of Verona.

Plus! Butter Beer! Costumery!


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