Blast from the Past: Freshman Year English Essays

Thanks Jess for cleaning out your computer and finding this gem from Freshman Year English 2 class – an essay about STEALING FOOD FROM THE CAFETERIA.  Ah way back when we were bright eyed young things, when my English professor was named Ted, and when stalking, I mean people watching, at Dewick was a form of entertainment, I wrote a short little piece on a boy affectionately known in my circles as Manly Man.


“We all, most especially the freshmen as we are forced to pay for the most expensive meal plan, vie for ways to outwit and outsmart the dining services. Like generals before crucial battles, we strategize and plan and consider every single possibility so as to not experience the sting of defeat. We scheme and conspire to perfect our technique. And yes, most are successful.”

“We call him “Manly Man.” And he is. He is a large, not plump, but husky student here at Tufts who always seems to either be at the gym or eating at Dewick.”

“We’ve been witnesses to the many times he’s stolen substantial quantities of food. Sometimes pasta. Sometimes pizza. And when he’s in the mood, he goes into the refrigerator reserved especially for soy milk and the like, and takes out a full container of Lactaid. He then sticks that in his backpack as well.”

Best yet – the theme behind this piece was Conformity/Rebellion.  WHAT.  WAS.  I.  THINKING.  Sheltered child was I.    I’m sure Ted expected a slightly different essay than what he received.


~ by drywoodburstingintoflame on November 18, 2010.

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