Urban Adventure: Korean Spa Castle

The only thing you need to know about Korean Spa Castle is that its heaven. But if you do want to know a few more things, I’d break it down like this:

Asian (Japanese + Korean) Spa (body scrub, nude room, hinoki pool) + European Spa (jets, jets, jets) + food court + amusement park + infrared room + boonies of Flushing, Queens + 186 degree Loess Sauna + free toothbrushes = getting touched by water every which way courtesy of Korean Spa Castle

Here’s the rundown, you basically spend 1.5 – 2 hours via train/shuttle to get to the Korean Spa Castle.  (Pri and I fortified ourselves with dim sum making the final leg of the journey) .  Upon arrival you pay (in the lobby they show shameful photos of people who left WITHOUT paying.  Gasp.), you get a digital wristband which allows you access to your lockers and allows you to purchase food and drink at the food court while your cash is safely stowed in the lockers.  These wristbands do not turn on the jet spray as I mistakenly thought at the beginning.

From there, you roam.

We spent the majority of our time enjoying the outdoor bade pool, discovering jets beneath your feet, aimed at your shoulders and neck, a mushroom which echoed our voices, a hinoki bath in a wooden tub, a neon green jacuzzi (we still don’t know why it was bright green), and generally frolicking.  Indoors is a whole other world, with massage areas, a nail salon, a sleeping area on a warmed floor, lounge chairs under infrared light, the “relaxing room” which were people sleeping in beds, a fitness center, food court, and in the gender segregated sections, each had their own private nude room complete with body scrub service if you so desire.  We did not.

I’d go into more, but really you should probably discover everything else for yourself.  :)

(photos courtesy of Spa Castle website)

At the end of the day, I still have no clue where in Flushing, Queens the Korean Spa Castle is located.  It just kind of materialized in the middle of gated communities and suburbia.  But it was a pretty awesome experience, incredibly relaxing, and utter fun and enjoyment.   What else can you ask of the Spa Castle?  And in The Village Voice’s recent “50 Reasons to Be Pretty Damn Euphoric You Live In New York City” Korean Spa Castle comes in at stellar number 13.  Beat that Russ and Daughters (sorry, you didn’t but bagel+lox I love you too!)

For more information (pricing, directions): Spa Castle Website


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One Response to “Urban Adventure: Korean Spa Castle”

  1. People really should experience this for themselves but I will add to your list of Bade Pool outdoor discoveries – the jacuzzi jets aimed at your head. Best head massage I’ve ever had and I think I would go back just for that.

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