Breakfast @ Ted & Honey

Since Lace McGace suggested Breakfast of Champions as an alternate to dinner/drinks meetup for friends, breakfast meetups have always been on the table.  It’s a welcome change from the typical after work drinks, dinner, movie/bar, and on mornings such as yesterday’s, brisk yet sunny, Ted & Honey is a fantastically cozy place to enjoy breakfast and catch up with friends.

I hadn’t heard of Ted & Honey until a recent NYTimes City Room posting by Jeremy Enger Coffeehouse Cool Amid the Stroller Scene, but Ted & Honey is the kind of cafe that grabs you with its warmth – with chalkboard menus, seasonal specials, a shelf of jars of pickles and jams reminiscent of a country mom and pop store (also for sale @ Ted & Honey), wooden benches, and bottomless cups of coffee – it’s a homey, neighborhood joint.  Slightly off the beaten path on Clinton St. (vs. the more commercial streets of Smith and Court) and next to Cobble Hill Park, it’s wonderfully located, and a equal-opportunity space for both lone breakfast champions, pairs grabbing a bite or a pumpkin muffin, or a dad with two young kids (although I could have done without the screaming yesterday morning Lila.  I’ve got your number.  When you shrieked and asked “who did that?” it was mildly adorable but really only mildly.)

The breakfast menu consisted of affordable (yes I’m watching my wallet) breakfast egg sandwiches, a croque madame, oatmeal, and an intoxicating assortment of muffins.  I went for the egg sandwich #1 with avocado and havarti (I’m a sucker for anything avocado) on a baguette (warm with a perfectly toasted and not too crunchy crust so the top of your mouth doesn’t feel like its been run over with exacto-knives) and  Jen had the pumpkin oatmeal which was slightly spiced and moist, with a touch of sweetness.


Ted & Honey doesn’t accost you with its wonderfulness – it doesn’t have to try that hard to get you to love it.  You just do.


(Photos by Benjamin Norman for The New York Times – Slideshow)



~ by drywoodburstingintoflame on November 3, 2010.

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