Weekend Trip: Back to Boston, Back to Nostalgia

Starting in October, New England positively calls my name with brightly multi-colored leaves, the promise of apples and apple cider, and crisp fall air.  Not having visited Boston since last summer, or visited New England in the fall since I don’t remember when, I took a wee weekend trip to visit Jess.  We visited our old near-to-Tufts haunts – Soundbytes and Davis Square (where I wanted to devour everything despite having just eaten an enormous brunch) – took a trip to Salem to take in the fall air and the Halloween spirit, giggled through the Quarter-Life-Crisis Comedy Tour (yes we are your age and yes we can relate to, although maybe not to you – slightly inarticulate man who is currently in an actual open relationship), and as always, finished off the visit with dim sum in Chinatown.  Incredibly glad to get away for a weekend, even if it was only a few hours away.  Boston, how I’ve missed you!

Soundbytes – now in the old El Guapo space.  Tufts alum may remember this mexican joint as a night out destination.  Now transformed into a larger version of the beloved Soundbytes.  (Although Jess informs me there was a big to do when the chef left Soundbytes and opened the restaurant/cafe RIGHT NEXT DOOR.  She also informs me the owner of Soundbytes and said chef came to fisticuffs.  All over brunch.)

Here we have Exhibit A: Eggs Benedict with hash, avocados and tomatoes

And Exhibit B: Jess and I decide to split chocolate chip and strawberry pancakes.

Exhibit C: We are a glutton for punishment.  We heard there was a new cupcake joint in town.  Kick-Ass Cupcakes in Davis Square to be more precise.  And rather than eat at Diesel-Blue Shirt-Redbones-Diva-Annas like my heart wanted me to do for second breakfast/lunch, we opted for cupcakes which tided us over a little too much.

This is the face of gluttony.

This is the logo of Kick Ass.

Day trip to Salem, home to witches.


~ by drywoodburstingintoflame on October 17, 2010.

One Response to “Weekend Trip: Back to Boston, Back to Nostalgia”

  1. awww, the nostalgia.

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