Weekend Highlights

Oh weekend – how quickly you pass with a chill in the air, bringing home the fact that summer is truly over and we are properly in the cold weather season now.


Pre-season hockey game at Madison Square Garden with Bortner – Rangers vs. Ottawa Senators.  And despite the Rangers busting through with an early lead, the Senators caught up in the second and third periods, leading to overtime and a shoot out, wild, wild West style.  Actually, that’s not true.  Hockey’s helpful when you’re sitting next to knowledgeable hockey fans who can tell you what the rules are and why people yell “Poppin sucks.”  Mystery.  I’ve only ever sat 4th row for hockey games before, and this was an entirely different experience.  Same beer/pretzel combo, but rowdier fans, and with a less up close and personal look with easy on the eyes, fan favorite (and Fashion Week attendee) Henrik Lundqvist.

What – you think we were there for the hot dogs?

Also – the man sitting behind us called his gf a hick.  Classy and classier on Level 300.


Farmer’s Market – no apple cider donuts to be found at the Grand Army Plaza Farmers Market, but the fall bounty was in full swing with apples galore and a good selection of gourds.  People seemed to be scrambling to get in the last of the nice weather farmers markets, for it was packed like Bloomingdale’s during sale season.

Fette Sau – Williamsburg

Yi and I decided to brave the Williamsburg crowds and try a new(er) restaurant, though deciding between all the restaurants on the my list to try in Williamsburg was difficult (Marlow & Sons and Fatty Cue in the forefront), we decided what we truly wanted was an overwhelming selection of meat.  Fette Sau is an American barbecue restaurant on the main drag Metropolitan Avenue, with outdoor seating and a mind-blowing and definitely saliva-inducing menu of meat, sides, sodas, and beer/cider/whiskey/wine.  Color us impressed.

Though the choice was hard (we mean really, really hard), we decided on getting a combination of elk shoulder and beef brisket.  1 lb.  I mean, let’s just make it a lb of each.  2 lbs.  And a side of potato salad.  And a quart of mildly alcoholic cider.  But that’s it.  We swear.  (Until dessert a few hours later…)  We had a rough cut of the beef brisket, so we didn’t end up finishing all of the beef – but the elk, whoo boy – the elk was something amazing.  The meat was tender, not at all gamey, and best when dipped with their barbecue sauce.  Incredibly flavorful, the meat with a healthy cut of charred and tender fat, went down very easily, and we ended up recommending it to the boys taking our table after we left.  The potato salad was perhaps not the right side to get with our 2 lbs of meat, but we’re looking forward to tackling the rest of the sides, next time.  :)

Next time, we can’t promise our eyes won’t be bigger than our stomachs once again, but then again, at a place like Fette Sau, does it really matter?

BarBerry in Williamsburg

On the corner of Metropolitan and Berry, just a block down from the perpetually crowded Radegast (especially during Oktoberfest) is a wonderful European restaurant/cafe with sidewalk seating by the name of BarBerry.  Just hours after meatfest at Fette Sau, Yi and I split the blueberry bread pudding (because, why not?) and while could not compare to Blue Ribbon’s masterpiece of a bread pudding, it was good.  Even better though was the atmosphere – a relaxed, European vibe with a while away the hours feel.  To round out its magic, we received an impromptu concert by a traveling Slavic musician on the violin who treated us to songs in German, French, a Slavic language and English – not the least of which was a drinking song, and a sing-a-long.  Nice bars do happen in Williamsburg.

And to round out the night of feasting and drinks – Weather Up in Prospect Heights – a speakeasy reminiscent of a bathhouse made bar, smelling heavily of alcohol and sweetness, and with a mustachioed bartender to boot.  Good drinks, strong drinks.  You’re forewarned on two accounts: its cash only, and the outside of the bar is unmarked, but hey, what did you expect?


Sunday Funday passes me by – but this Sunday was a bit of photog work for L. Althouse at Dancing Through College and Beyond, mostly shutterbugging away while high school dance students listened to panels, took a dance class or browsed prospective colleges.  Fun times with DINO HANDS as a reward – the best kind :)   Can’t wait to put these dinosaur tattoos to good use.  And finishing up the rest of my pork, I made a large batch of pork, cabbage and bok choy dumplings, though without the sous chefs and a dumpling folding team, its much more tedious with a dumpling party of one.  Still delicious, but by the end, I think my dumplings aesthetically took a beating.


~ by drywoodburstingintoflame on October 4, 2010.

2 Responses to “Weekend Highlights”

  1. It looks like you had such a fun weekend. Boy does that elk look good.

  2. Is Weather Up the nameless cool looking place we passed the other night?

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