Supper Club: The Dumpling Edition – September 30, 2010

The last Supper Club of summer (not to get nostalgic or anything).  Edition inspired by Dumplings!  And brought to you by the letter “H” … for “hijinks.”

Supper Club, its been awhile since I’ve seen you at my apartment last, but if anything, last night proved that Supper Club has longevity and depth.  It may just be over half a year since Supper Club unofficially and officially started, but it feels simultaneously like it was just a few months ago that this little dinner party was conceived of and that its always been in our lives.  It’s premature to start pulling out the anniversary slideshow of the A Year in the Life of Supper Club, but the time that we’ve all spent talking it up to other people, mulling over recipes – skills, difficulty, ingredients – all taken into considered thought and prep time – has been awesome.  And our depth, not just of recipe, but of including and expanding our various guests and hosts, makes Supper Club pretty darn special as well.   Churs.

Location: My apartment in Park Slope

Dinner Party Guests: Me, Leah, Pri, Amar and Matt (affectionately known by their impending band name: Amar and the Long Middleton)


Appetizers: Edamame

Entree: Pork, Bok Choy, Pea Shoot Dumplings – both steamed and pan fried like potstickers (and boy did they stick)

Dessert: Mango/Match Green Tea Ciao Bella gelato and an assortment of pretty macarons

To Drink: Almond flavored sparkling wine + wine from NZ (toasting to Leah’s job promotion, Pri’s 4th job, and as always – to space travel!)

Assembly line – here showing everyone how to fold the dumpling skin over the meat filling in a pretty way.  Lesson: tiny Asian hands are perfect not only for dexterously playing the piano and making origami, but also for folding dumplings.  Thanks heritage.

Pri makes folding dumplings look easy and pretty.

Steaming the dumplings in the foreground, pan-frying the dumplings in the middle ground.

Vino – there was a lot of enjoyment of this.

Boys are handy in the kitchen.  They can reach objects far from the ground and assist with the cooking.

Note: tinfoil lid on the pan-fried dumplings.  As Tim Gunn says: Make it work.

Bemused edamame face.

Potstickers – living up to their name.  But in the end, they actually came out perfectly!

Face-full-of-hot-steamed-air face.

I reckon they’re the most beautiful dumplings I’ve ever seen.

Who ordered the entertainment?  Sukkot.  Dancing just to entice Amar to come down and offer himself to the nearest Jewish girl.  Leah was ready to wingman up.

They were delicious!

Oh god I love dumplings.

~ by drywoodburstingintoflame on October 1, 2010.

5 Responses to “Supper Club: The Dumpling Edition – September 30, 2010”

  1. H also stands for Horseplay.

  2. That’s why I like coming to your house. That and the Homemade dumplings.

  3. hostess with the most-est – you look lovely. sorry to have missed the dumplings (making me hungry now) xx

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