Steven Alan’s Spring 2011 Collections Swinging Fort Greene

There’s something about the video lookbook for Steven Alan’s Spring 2011 Collection that irks me.  Despite a fairly goodlooking cast, a wonderful location that I someday hope to live in and amongst, and casually preppy clothes, I’m left wanting.  Maybe its the way that all of the above things: the cast, the neighborhood, and the clothes, don’t seem to fit together for me and feels rather disingenuous.  I sincerely hope Fort Greene isn’t the neighborhood of choice for the casual and vaguely hippy prepster.  What I like about Fort Greene is its down-to-earth feeling, it’s seeming lack of pretension.  But by my very hope to live there, does that mean the neighborhood’s slowly losing all the qualities that I would value and love about it?  Embrace the neighborhood, but don’t wish upon it an unchanging and unvaried static.  It can’t be both what it was, and what you want it to be.

And usually I like Steven Alan’s clothes.  Sigh.


~ by drywoodburstingintoflame on September 15, 2010.

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