FNO v.2 Takes NYC by Storm

The second annual Fashion Night Out happened last Friday.  Correction, it didn’t just happen – it shook, rocked, and otherwise manhandled New York City, making Manhattan feel like Mardi Gras / Halloween in one.  Last year Yi and I bumped elbows, quite literally with Hugh Jackman and Anna Wintour, tasted Van Leeuwen ice cream gratis, roamed MePa and watched Tyson Beckford and various cheerleaders on Bond St.

This year Pri and I, for better or worse, were firmly entrenched in the cobblestoned streets of Bond St. – the 1st annual Black Carnival, wandering into Oak for 42Below vodka-lemonades, ripped t-shirts and amazing eye-candy including a 7-foot tall mammoth wearing a fur coat casually slung over one shoulder.  Next up: Mexicue taco/slider truck and a delicious ice cream sandwich from a brand-spanking new company called Melt.  The owner/frontman was lovely, and in a charmingly biased manner recommended ALL the ice cream sandwiches to us.  To his credit, they all did look amazing, and we had a tough time choosing, but finally decided upon the snickerdoodle encased cinnamon ice cream sandwich.  Evidence below.

We wandered into another store for free champers and to stroke the clothes.  In this photo we have clearly finished our champagne.  And yet they offered us more.  Sigh – I love FNO.  And the sword swallowers, fire breathers and stilt walkers that took Bond St. to the Mardi Gras level.

Coming out of our champagne high we immediately got on line for photobooth picture at Rogan.  Well, we tried to wander into the tent, discovered an almost obscenely long line, and then threw our hands up in defeat.  I mean, were we really going to say no to a photobooth?  30 minutes later – we had the below photo taken by an art director at Rogan (name unknown) and were told to come back 1 hour later.  What could we do?  It was Fashion’s Night Out and they were backed up?  Besides, there were more birthday shenanigans to be had at B Bar.  So we vowed to come back in an hour, but you know what happens when you’re drinking…

Anyways, I picked up the photo on Sunday – the Rogan salespeople were lovely.

And here is B Bar – 40 E. 4th Street between Bowery and Lafayette – a dream-like bar, possibly as fairytale as New York gets with high-walls surrounding the bar, twinkling lanterns and lights, and martinis up the wazoo.  A boozy fairytale.  Perhaps, if Cinderella met the Prince in New York, instead of a ball, and if fairytales were real and not make-believe.  (This photo doesn’t even do justice to the garden space – also, I did not take this)

And though we stuck downtown, uptown they partied it up with impromptu dance parties, karaoke, and live action Ken dolls (photos not included):

Refinery29: 30 Snaps from Fashion’s Night Out (Photos by Nick Wolf)


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One Response to “FNO v.2 Takes NYC by Storm”

  1. You’re right I have walked by B Bar a lot and thought it was a cool diner looking restaurant.

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