DIY Friendship Necklaces: Done and Done

So, I’ve been obsessing over (yes tacos) (yes lobster rolls) bracelets and necklaces that look either handmade or is woven together. And a re-post from Refinery29 of the Honestly WTF girls’ DIY Friendship necklaces sparked my crafty/Martha Stewart side.

Perfect for summer, and from what I can tell, the perfect summer-into-fall transitional jewelry.  Despite the loudness of colors, rough-hewn look to the necklaces, and nuts and washers accessories – they work, layered in different combinations or as a solo piece – this is one project I’m glad I undertook, and I think friends are too – they’re a great gift.

Here’s Honestly WTF’s slightly more sophisticated version also with more of a diversity of colors.  Or a different color palette.  Either way, their final product looks different than mine.  Next up: knitting?  That is the crafty project Margaret and I pledged to undertake, and with Sharon Paul’s book in hand, we at least have a good teacher.


~ by drywoodburstingintoflame on August 31, 2010.

One Response to “DIY Friendship Necklaces: Done and Done”

  1. *claps* do i get one?

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