Mid-State (upstate) Day Trip to Beacon, NY

DIA: here we come.  (I’m told too-cool Brooklynites refer to it simply as Dia).  Just 90 minutes out of Grand Central via a picturesque train ride on Metro North ($26 round trip) is Beacon, New York – mid-state/upstate.  Wonderfully you feel an entire world away, passing the Hudson towns of Yonkers, Dobbs (my hometown), Irvington, etc… and meandering through rolling hills and past an abandoned castle/fort which certainly raised my exploration curiosity.  On the way up I started my DIY Friendship Necklace Project.

We recommend visiting on Sundays to go to the Farmers’ Market.

We enjoyed things that spelled out BEACON.

Lazy Sunday.

Watermelon Season!  One thing we noticed is that presentation is big here, food is grouped by color and arranged artfully in baskets.  Mostly in the city, people don’t bother.  Clearly a lost art.  And maybe it makes the watermelon taste just a little sweeter.  :)

We were overcome with joy at the WELCOME TO BEACON sculpture.  And probably delirious with hunger.

On the side of the highway/main road, we felt it probably was neglected and could use some loving.

Touring the town center.

At Homespun Foods – after walking through town, we agreed that Homespun looked perfect, and low and behold, it contained an amazing seasonal special salad, which was by far one of the most amazing salads I’ve had in recent memory.  Some of its ingredients included: nectarines, roasted almonds, ricotta salata – topped with a basil pesto dressing, served in a coffee cup.

At Homespun – Leah sipping on the most delicious watermelon soup I’ve ever tasted – basil, red onion, ginger and watermelon puree.  Cool and refreshing and inspiring.  I wanted more.  And more in additional forms – popsicles for one!  And thus my popsicle craving was born.

Homespun Foods

So we stopped into Zora Dora’s amazing Microbatch Ice Cream and Popsicles which we had been eyeing ever since we stepped foot in this town.

Zora Dora’s

Almost too many to choose from, we asked the girl at the counter for assistance in selecting.  After narrowing it down from ones created with milk to just fruit popsicles, she recommended any that contained seasonal fruit – berries being at the forefront.

Et voila – Berry Zinger (a melange of berries with ginger) and Leah’s berries with chocolate chunks.  Divine!  We quickly

Leah at the Eternal Christmas Shoppe.  Where you can have Christmas in August.  Who said August was too early to start sourcing your decorating needs?

We were told (by experience) that a day trip, first stopping in Cold Springs for kayaking, then making your way to Beacon for DIA and local restaurants, was a great day trip for dates.  Well the couple we ran into didn’t say it was great, but it looked ideal from the outside.

No photos of Dia: Beacon, inside or out, but it was refreshing to be in a Museum where you actually had room to move, to run, to let the installations breathe without bumping into tourists and feeling like the art was on top of each other.  Dia: Beacon is housed in a converted railway depot, which lends certain floors and areas of the Museum a spooky feel.  Definitely abstract, there were a few things that confused, that wowed, and simply couldn’t be bothered with, but some of my favorites included the Richard Serra ellipses and the Sol Lewitt squares pencil-drawn onto the walls.

Cases of running into people we knew: Two.  The boy known as Crazy Face and the boy who looks like James Franco.

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  1. No photos of Crazy Face or James Franco? How disappointing.

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