Brainstorm: Ways to Beat the Malaise

I don’t know if you’ve all been feeling it, but sometimes, just around the time July passes into August, and this year more so than in years past, I’ve been feeling – THE MALAISE.  Perhaps its the heat wave.  Perhaps what’s summer without summer vacation? (I have a sneaking suspicion this is just normal working life sadly).  Perhaps I just need a change of scenery and the concrete is just too unbearable in the summer.  Whatever it is, it’s catching, and it’s something no amount of ice cream nor nights of outdoor drinking can change.  I don’t think.

Anyways – brainstorm to beat the malaise commencing here:

1.  Ice Cream – I don’t think this will change anything, but damn its good.  I’ve been meaning to try Lulu and Mooky’s nitrogen frozen ice cream.

2.  Day trips: Dia: Beacon and maybe, just maybe, a trip to the rodeo.  Rodeo – where? you’re clearly asking.  Cowtown Rodeo.  Weekly.  New Jersey.

3.  Frame Magazine – Frame Magazine

Good and innovative design makes me happy.  Will it beat the boredom?

4.  Lose myself in a good book – NYMagazine’s Selection of Indie Bookstores

Or maybe I’m just in need of a good story.  Anthony Bourdain’s Medium Raw just made me salivate and the travel bug itch more.  I was just passed a copy of Helen Tse’s Sweet Madarin – let’s see if a delightful summer read can beat the heat.  Or maybe I just need to create my own.

I also recommend Juliet Wayne’s story on The Moth podcast last week – bitingly funny, self-deprecating and with a little romance.

5.  Slow smiles and slow kisses.

6.  Visitors!  Kaitlin’s in town next week and I couldn’t be gladder!

Is this how Sad Panda feels all the time?


~ by drywoodburstingintoflame on August 5, 2010.

5 Responses to “Brainstorm: Ways to Beat the Malaise”

  1. i recommend a walk on (any) bridge at night. with a good soundtrack.

  2. Lulu and Mooky’s is on my list too. The family nickname for one of my small cousins in LA is Mooky (after a baseball player and yes she is a girl).

  3. thanks for listening to the story and recommending it! I can bookmark your blog now. XO

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