Girls Like Boys

No, not the band – but girls like boys…clothing.  (This is for Pri: Boys are stupid and should have rocks thrown at them.)  I love the idea of short shorts – urban/utilitarian chic – paired with a business-like, button-down shirt.  Keeping cool in the summer as we New York girls do.  Because even if its hot as balls outside, we can at least look as cool as a cucumber.

Refinery29’s Your Boyfriend’s Shirt

And judging from Philip Crangi’s new line of necklaces, everyone is feeling nostalgic for the days we used to wear slap bracelet and doo-dads in our hair.

Philip Crani’s Necklace Line

And on the Friendship Necklace front, Pri and I went on a mad dash journey to find all the necessary materials this weekend.

Materials / Found:

Day 1:

1.  Twine – found at a hardware store just north of Houston – I asked the store clerk if they carried any gold nuts.  Answer: a teehee and a no.

Day 2:

2.  Embroidery Floss/Thread – found at M&S Fabrics&Trims on Broadway and a few blocks below Canal.

3.  Metal doo-dads – found at a Bead SUPERstore on 6th Ave and 38th

Looking back at this list, I’m only mildly surprised this took us a full two days to get together.  But there were lots of stops in between – La Colombe Torrefaction, Fornino’s in Williamsburg, Shanghai Cafe in Chinatown, etc… etc….  Pri’s already started on her rakhis but hopefully the necklaces aren’t far behind.  :)


~ by drywoodburstingintoflame on August 4, 2010.

One Response to “Girls Like Boys”

  1. i love boys clothing. yes, one necklace is done. other is paused. will give you the materials so you can start yours. :D

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