Supper Club – July 23, 2010

Location: Pri’s apartment

Guests: Pri, Leah, Nina, Sabah, Pri’s roommate Erin (for the food portion only) and myself

Menu: Supper Club goes Thai

Summer Rolls filled with rice vermicelli, lettuce, carrot slivers and avocado – dipped in Sriracha

Curry Shrimp with burning red curry paste which didn’t kill us – I think it was the coconut milk and Thai basil

Dessert: Cookies from Spain and Gelato/Sorbet topped with strawberry/cherry compote and pistachios and almonds

Pri introduces another exotic cuisine to Supper Club and proves that she and Sabah can roll perfect summer rolls.  It may have taken hours to make, but they were gobbed up in mere minutes.  No match for Supper Club.  Sorry neatly wrapped rolls.  It was your time.

The shrimp curry bursting with flavor.

Ambiance.  I’d say.  We finally made it onto Pri’s roof via a window entrance/exit.  It was incredibly pretty and had a great breeze.  An oasis.  Be BOLD.  Boobs to the air!

Perfect timing!  We ate dinner and made it inside before the skies opened up and we kissed the rain a la Billie Myers.  It was wonderfully atmospheric and the smell of rain filled the air.

Safe inside – we had more wine.

Compote making at hand.

Leah brought some delightful almond and aniseed flavored cookies/biscuits back from her Spain trip.

Photo shoot time.

Nina’s glamorous side.

Her sexy hair in the wind side, except only the air conditioning was on.  Where did this wind-blown vixen come from?

Wherever it came from – it was catching.

ROAR!  That’s a t-rex/y’animal for you.

Highlights: We welcomed Sabah to her first edition of Supper Club and she made many many summer rolls for us.  Pri got an early and perfectly timed birthday gift from Nina in the form of beautiful bowls and a Thai cook book.


~ by drywoodburstingintoflame on July 28, 2010.

6 Responses to “Supper Club – July 23, 2010”

  1. why are my boobs so prominently featured in this? *pout* i do want the pictures from the rain clouds.. that was so cool!

  2. wonderful pictures that very much captured the atmosphere – making me envious in the meantime!

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