Pie Week at the B+R office!

Last week was our first (and perhaps annual?) Pie Week at B+R.  Our office is perhaps uncommonly filled with a combination of foodies – from bakers, to gourmands, to growers of fresh vegetables, we run the gamut, but it’s not a surprise we all enjoy a good slice of pie.  Each day a different person brought in a pie and luckily for us, office numbers dictated that a single pie was perfectly portioned into thin slices (necessary when you eat pie every day for a week).

Monday: Sara tests out a peach and chocolate chip ice cream pie – homemaking the ice cream as well!

Tuesday: I try my hand at Saffron + Honey’s Strawberry Yogurt Tart.

Wednesday: Mark introduces us to a supremely fancy and French looking Pear Tarte Tatin.

Thursday: Lilly brings in a blueberry and peach cobbler with fruit from the farmers market!

Friday: Megan switches things up with a savory pie (although Top Chef told her quiches are not pies) – a mushroom and shallot quiche.

It was a wonderful way to get through the work week – with a pie break at 3:30p!  And each pie was so vastly different than the last – a testament to the variety of pie dishes available and the assortment of summer fruits!


~ by drywoodburstingintoflame on July 27, 2010.

4 Responses to “Pie Week at the B+R office!”

  1. I LOVE THIS!!!!! yay. also, strawberry yogurt tart looks fantastic.

  2. The picture of you holding your pie could be on a magazine! You both look delicious!

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