Beach Day – Far Rockaways Edition

Exploring all Rockaway Beach, the surf spot for city-lovers, has to offer – via public transportation.  Awaiting the Shuttle at Broad Channel, last leg of the journey to the beach.  Pri dons a paper hat from where else but Uniqlo.

On the same level of excitement as the beach was Rockaway Taco.  Clearly equivalent selling points for going to Far Rockaway – taco and sand and sun.  Brilliant.  Here we have Jarritos, hibiscus iced tea and a watermelon juice – all luscious shades of red.

Fish taco!  The most amazing thing I put in my mouth the entire day, and this was only the first course.  After we devoured our tacos, I ordered a side of plantain chips and guacamole, and they were devoured before I thought about taking out my camera.  But damn – they were good.

Also at Rockaway Taco, a “library” of books.  A treasure trove including such classics as “Cold Sassy Tree.”

The backyard/dining area.

Ordering said plantain chippers.

Pri’s Whale Rider moment.

I love the smiles in the photo – whale smile included.

Before we left we had to have Italian Ices – daily flavors included apricot, lime, melon, raspberry and grapefruit.

Here we have the delectable grapefruit and melon offerings.

Boghanis go anywhere for ice cream.  (Amendment: Italian ices included.  Exhibit A.  Priyanki in Queens eating an Italian ice.)

Jack’s coffeeshop and organic fruit and veggie stand.

Paper hats galore!

Don’t we look like very happy girls indeed?  I highly recommend Rockaway Beach.  :)

Sidenote: If you were curious as to why there weren’t any photos of us ON the beach – it was incredibly windy and the sand was surprisingly fine.  Lovely to run through our fingers, exfoliate our legs with and nap on – yes, good for camera? – no.


~ by drywoodburstingintoflame on July 19, 2010.

4 Responses to “Beach Day – Far Rockaways Edition”

  1. beeeeeeaaaach. i’m feeling esp. articulate today. >.<

  2. looks like lots of windy sweaty delicious fun haha :)

  3. The pictures make me happy all over again (particularly for the fish tacos).

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