Weekend Highlights

It was the last weekend of the World Cup 2010 (Brazil 2014!) so of course we had to watch the rather lackluster Germany v. Uruguay game – those poor boys competing for third place, probably the most sad and hard to watch game of the cup.


Lederhosen is my new favorite German bar (sorry Radegast!).  It has all the charm of a kitschy garage sale, with all the beer that you can drink in a glass boot.  Also it’s located in the West Village, is unpretentious as it gets with a front room with a fake fireplace and a meager bookshelf, and does an amazing bratwurst and pretzel.  It’s made for cozy nights.

Yi, Vic and I wandered over to the Hester Street Fair, which was closing down around 5p – although they still had ice cream left, and the misting tent was still spraying away.  In a perfectly wanderlust mood, we walked up to Rockwood Music Hall, which if you have a few hours to kill, is always a great place to hear new and different acts.  We caught and loved Sea of Bees – a woman, last name: Bee, out of Sacramento, California.  With a bowl haircut and vintage clothes, she played the guitar and simply sang, her voice as woozy and haunting as Julia Stone’s, with lyrics just as woozy – most of her songs being about the beautiful people she knows in Sacramento and who inspire her.  She had a great live sound and we left awed (only mildly awed by Kate Tucker).

Yi and I finished off the night with a bowl of pho, and a drink at Mason Dixon watching some boys and girls get tossed on their asses by a mechanical bull.  Stay classy Mason Dixon.  But I do love your sweet tea vodka drinks.  Also Whiskey Ward with some kids.

Sunday Funday:

Red Horse/Black Horse

I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again – perfect weekends are comprised of visits to Red Horse Cafe – where a medium iced latte tastes exactly like heaven if heaven were cream and coffee beans in one.  Pri and I then flitted over to Black Horse Pub for the final World Cup showdown: Netherlands v. Espana.  We thought we’d make it more fun by rooting for opposite teams.  We made a pact to not brawl, but that was between ourselves, and not between us and the other patrons.  Oh well.   In a very long match which ended up going into overtime, the Spanish finally scored in the 116th minute of the match.  And it was over – gold was won for Spain and all of Spain threw up their red, red flags and drew a collective hug.

Tizzy with beer and the crowds, Brandon, Pri and I dined on Vietnamese sandwiches then sat in Prospect Park and listened to the OkayAfrica concert of the Celebrate Brooklyn Festival hosted by Talib Kweli and headlined by The Roots.  I used it as an excuse to lie outside and take photos of friends.  The colors were richly saturated against the red blanket, and as night drew near, the fireflies and dragonflies came out.  I love fireflies.

Brandon and I drinking rose.  My bag matches my dress.

If Brandon and Pri started a band, this would be their bio photo on their Myspace page.

This photo I offered to Brandon to use on his band page.  I don’t think he wants it.

A sillier A Single Man.

Naked little girl running around behind us.  Pri surmises they must be European.

Babies and prams.

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One Response to “Weekend Highlights”

  1. love the pictures! very album art indeed:) I think BC and Pri will be taking you up on your offer eventually haha x

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