Stornoway @ Mercury Lounge

It started with a fire at the corner of Essex and Houston yesterday.  Things like this always seem to come out of nowhere – the explosion at the Radio Shack on 6th Ave, the summer’s track fires, surprise! exploding manhole covers – there’s an entire fiery underbelly to New York.

Moving on…

The boys of Stornoway were lovely – playing to a rather crowded group at Mercury Lounge – the lead singer Brian at one point commented on the fact that it was nice to see so many people – then promptly asked in a deadpan, “How did you hear about us?” with a slight impish smirk to his eyes.

They played my favorite Fuel Up, treated us to acoustic sets of November Song and We Are the Battery Human (direct quote: a song about us all being monkeys, and allowing ourselves just to be monkeys), and did an encore with Zorbing, borrowing a trumpet player/percussionist named Tim from the Bronx.  The boys have a way with words, which isn’t surprising given their backgrounds in higher education (Brian has a PhD in Ornithology – swoon), but its their harmonizing voices and rich melodies in combination with the words that give you pause – in all the right places.

Bassist Brother Steadman flipping his hair.  Yes we like your hair flip too.

Brian going acoustic for November Song.

The other Brother Steadman – watch out – there’s a jailbait-like glint in his eyes – he’s barely 19, but I swear he’s the spitting image of Chace Crawford – albeit a slightly slinkier, more indie, British version of Chace Crawford.  And he can keep a beat.  Who knows what Gossip Girl has taught Chace.

Back Stateside in November, they’ll be hitting up New York again, followed by Ohio and Seattle.  And apparently their cd Beachcomber’s Windowsill releases in the States in about a month but I happen to have the album in its entirety if you ask nicely.

Stornoway on that place for friends – Myspace

Why Stornoway are Britain’s most exciting nu-folk band – The Sunday Times


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