10 Out of Tenn @ Rockwood Music Hall

Wednesday night Margaret and I went to see Andy Davis, Andrew Belle and Trent Dabbs at the “new” stage 2 of Rockwood Music Hall.  10 out of Tenn is a “supergroup of singer songwriters” from Nashville that include the above, but also my pop favorites Erin McCarley and Katie Herzig.  Collectively their songs have appeared in a number of current tv shows and movies – such as Grey’s Anatomy, He’s Just Not That Into You and Post-Grad (with Alexis Bledel and Zach Gifford for those of you who’ve never heard of it).  This may be a selling point for some, and a deterrent for others, but the point is – there’s good music coming out of Nashville, and these guys and girls are not only making their mark on the Nashville scene, but they’re also taking their music on the road and bringing out in full force.

Andy Davis being the swampiest out of the three I saw, boasting a banjo on stage, and Andrew Belle having one of the most amazing live voices I’ve heard – somewhere between Greg Laswell and James Morrison – the 10 out of Tenn show was great.  Great voices, great crowd, and a great time at the recently renovated Stage 2 addition at Rockwood Music Hall.  Losing none of its signature intimacy or great sound, Rockwood Music Hall just offers a little more breathing room for the artist and audience, but you all still feel like you’re breathing in the same room.  I loved the lights the guys bring on the road with them – the string of outdoor ambient lights seen winding its way across the floor and over microphones.

After listening to Trent’s music, I’d have to say that the concert did his music the least justice since quite a few of his songs also have string instruments playing in the background.  They’re all great though – and good guys to boot.  Andy rocked out on Good Life, Andrew went out playing Static Waves (usually featuring Katie Herzig) and Trent played Wishful Thinking.

(Photos from June 22, 2010, 10 out of Tenn, Cafe 939 Boston, Flickr: samantha.b)

Fun times during the concert culminated in Margaret and I accosting all the boys while they talked to fans and carried their own equipment to their very small van the six of them have been traveling the US in (must smell wonderful).  Taking rather normal fan photos with Andy and Andrew, for Trent and to get Dan the bassist in on the fun, we had them pose as if “giraffes were coming” (one of the classics).

For the next photo with me, Dan wanted to do “dinosaurs on the street!” to which I obligingly looked as if I wanted to hug Margaret with Joy and Dan was searching the skies.  Trent was utterly nonplussed.  And also did not come back with our press on tattoos.

10 Out of Tenn Website

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  1. I want my press-on tattoo, dammit! On second thought, make that a croissant.

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