Weekend Highlights


A drink outdoors at Cafe Charbon followed by a foodie dinner at The Meatball Shop.  I’ve been to the Meatball Shop before – last time the waitress doled out high-fives because the staff accidentally served us a pitcher of sangria when we’d only ordered a quart – their mistake = not so sober girls.  Meals at The Meatball Shop are always a delight – firstly because to have one thing, do it a few different ways, and to do it really well, besides being on-trend, is a complete winner of a plan.   The Meatball Shop has a great list of rotating specials – this round included another incredibly fresh Market Salad with capers and green beans, buffalo chicken meatballs with blue cheese dressing, and a blueberry ice cream sandwich hugged by peanut butter cookies, and by peanut butter cookies I mean it was like eating peanut butter cookie dough.  (And come on, there’s a special ice cream of the day?!?!)   The Meatball Shop has a special place in my heart already – and co-owner Michael is super sweet.  If it’s on the menu next time, I recommend getting the risotto special with hen of the wood and chives – not too creamy, but just right, spicy pork meatballs with the spicy tomato sauce, sangria, and a peanut butter cookie espresso ice cream sandwich.

(Flickr: xpressbus)

Other Friday highlights: Dark and Stormys at Botanica Bar, tequila shots for one, one instance of an accidental straw up my nose, some delightful music by hipster DJ #1 vs. sucky music by fratty DJ #2, Marvin the cat, and slurred words on the streets of New York.


Mostly hungover brunch at Roebling Tea Room in Williamsburg – at 11:30a we beat the hipster neighborhoodies by a long-shot and the place seemed serene as the staff prepped in what was probably the calm before the storm.  Roebling has a killer tea list with incredibly sultry descriptions of their teas, and a unique list of menu items which include the potato sandwich and baked cheddar eggs.  3/4 of the table went for the baked cheddar eggs which came with raisin fennel bread (I made an exception for these raisins) and grits.

(Flickr: @nicoleslaw)

Walking off brunch, we meandered through Williamsburg and right into a cheese shop and cooking wares store.  Restraining ourselves from rooftop drinking, we visited Blue Bottle Cafe – home of a cold brew, and individually brewed coffee cups.  Note: pastries / cookies come in brown coffee filters – it’s pretty adorable.

(Flickr: simply photo)

Next up – MoMA – free courtesy of K. – to revisit the Henri Cartier-Bresson exhibit, hoping this time around I’d retain more clarity about the exhibit then from the wine-soaked Member Preview Night.  It was beauteous.

Fathers Day dinner in Queens with the extended family – my grandparents are adorable.


Considering that all throughout the World Cup thus far I’ve wished I could play hooky and sit in a bar and watch games, Sunday was sheer luxury.  Starting off early, we watched the New Zealand v. Italy game at Black Horse Pub with a pretty sparse, fairly NZ-pro crowd, noshing on crumpets and bacon and egg sandwiches, sipping coffees and juices for the morning game.

Highlights of our viewing experience: rooting for the underdog while sitting next to two morose Italian boys, New Zealand, ranked 78th – tied Italy, and the goalkeeper Paston should have won Man of the Match.

The Black Horse Pub, besides being on the same block as Sidecar, is our preferred World Cup bar of choice.  Surrounded by a comfortable mix of wood paneling and HD LCD tvs, it’s a Brooklyn sports pub, and pints are only $5.

Leah and Ksenia are ready for BRUNCH!

Terribly editorial.

Next up: brunch at the wonderful Sidecar, a South Slope neighborhood joint of about a year now, with wonderful food, boasting a pretty delicious buttermilk fried chicken for dinner.

Pri no longer enjoys my camera.

The 12:30 crowd – fairly quiet on this end.

Enjoying the shrimp and grits.

Foodie Delights:

To drink, Ksenia and I enjoyed a drink of grapefruit juice, cava and bitters, and our entrees were sublime.  Ksenia had corned beef hash with poached eggs, and both Leah and I had the shrimp and grits – Creole style, spicier, almost soup-like consistently, but the complex flavors are intoxicating.  We did a walk-by of Four and Twenty Blackbirds bakery / cafe down on 3rd Avenue and 8th Street, but we were all so full from brunch, that even the salted apple caramel pie couldn’t command our attention for too long.

Pri and I finished off the afternoon watching the Brazil v. Ivory Coast match at Sidecar (cooling down from the afternoon’s heat) and the second half of the game at Black Horse Pub, where Brazil gave Ivory Coast a trouncing, final score: 7-0.  Ouch.

Weekends are made for brunch and World Cup watching in the Black Horse Pub.


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2 Responses to “Weekend Highlights”

  1. Weekends ARE made for that. ‘Be responsible!’ haha

  2. Weekends are DEFINITELY made for brunch.

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