Caking Bookies!

Partially inspired by Dorie Greenspan and Tuesdays with Dorie, and mostly inspired by our love of cookies, M. Bortner and I had a themed day of cookies and films showcasing coming of age stories of girls into sports – up first: Bend It Like Beckham, and next on the list: Whip It.  You could say it was the homemaker’s version of celebrating the World Cup.  We also discussed starting a Knitting Circle for the Learn-to-Knitters – perhaps while also enjoying 90’s classics such as How To Make An American Quilt.  We’re nothing if not multitaskers.  Anyways, here’s how the baking went:

Margaret and I shape the Coconut Dome cookie “dough” which I prepped yesterday – it’s been “marinating” for about 24 hours.  More of a cook than a baker, I’m unsure of the proper terms for these baking techniques and stages.

Margaret navigates the freezer situation – these Coconut Domes are actually Dorie Greenspan related.  Having emailed her to ask about her Coconut Lime Cookie recipe, she directed me to her book, and Ksenia found these for me.  Baking with Dorie Coconut Domes

Then we make the dough for Margaret’s flourless chocolate chip and peanut butter chip cookies – lickably delicious!  Chocolate Peanut Butter Cookies Recipe

And onto the dough for the Very Chocolate Chocolate Cookies – posted on Saffron and Honey from Clothilde’s + David Leibowitz’s mashup recipe.  Very Chocolate Chocolate Cookies Recipe

The cookie dough looked a little dry during the mixing process, but it turned out moist enough, must be all of that butter coating the insides.  Also surprisingly not as sweet as you’d think the Very Chocolate Chocolate cookies would be.  In fact, these were my favorite of the day, which might be attributed to my love of the chocolate and sea salt combination, and we did use semi-sweet chips.  When I make these next time, I’d be slightly more generous with the sea salt.  We also substituted Splenda Brown Sugar for regular brown sugar – our regular brown sugar had turned rock solid, and it took at least five minutes of Margaret hitting the sugar with a rolling pin before we decided to swap it out for the B-list brown sugar.

Our finished products!  Oh baby!


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  1. mmmm cookies : ) the coconut domes look beautiful! I want!

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