The Stones at Union Hall

Brother and sister duo Angus and Julia Stone tore up Union Hall tonight – it was sold out (although Union Hall is tiny), and the crowd couldn’t be more welcoming.  Their voices are perfectly suited for storytelling, and their songs have interesting beats and rhythms, driving melodies and rapturous phrases.  Besides playing some of my favorites: And The Boys, Big Jet Plane and Wasted, they also played songs off their new album including Santa Monica Dream, The Devil’s Tears and Yellow Brick Road.  Angus’s hair was fantastically shaggy – he wore a black fedora and slightly oversized blue workman’s shirt, mumbling words to the audience – I understood only 30% of what he said.  Hair pinned up to the side with a daisy hairpin and wearing a blue polka dotted dress, Julia was wonderfully warm and the chattier of the two laid back Aussies, telling us the story behind her song For You.

Two moments stood out for me: firstly the last song before the encore, Private Lawns, a completely sultry, jazzy version accompanied by Julia and their friend CJ on the trumpet, which was rocking.  They lit up the room like it was a 1940’s club and turned the song on its head.  Secondly, the drummer and bassist were set to walk off the stage during the encore to let Angus and Julia finish the night alone, and someone in the audience shouted, “DRUM SOLO!”  Hesitating for a moment, unsure of how seriously to take the request, he obliged with a kick ass drum solo.  Perfect moments to be sure.

Angus and Julia Stone are amazing – they look like hippie troubadours from the 1960’s.  It wouldn’t surprise me at all if you happened upon them in a field of wildflowers on a sunny day, simultaneously making daisy chains and singing, accompanied by harmonicas and tambourines.  There might also be a pony.  And it would be quite magical.

Wish I had a mango tree in my backyard

With you standing next to me


~ by drywoodburstingintoflame on June 9, 2010.

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