CFDA Fashion Awards 2010

And I went dressed in jeans and espadrilles.  Among a room full of exceptionally tall, well-dressed, beautiful people, I looked like a hobo/hobbit.  At least dressing down afforded me some sort of invisible cloak and I scanned/stared down the room observing the lives of the impeccably dressed.  Here’s a taste of the night’s fashion:

I nearly stepped on this woman’s train.  A bit of a fashion hazard.

The Alexander McQueen tribute.

Awarding Womenswear Designer of the Year – Marc Jacobs.

At the end of the night, Jen tapped Kim Hastreiter on the shoulder to compliment her on her glasses.

Rundown of celebs spotted:

Ed Westwick (who had difficulties opening the awards envelopes when put on the spot.  Alexa Chung countered by opening her envelope with one swift motion, remarking, “Take that Westwick!”)

Alexis Chung

Alexis Bledel

Maggie Grace (Shannon from Lost and the leggiest thing around)

Emilie de Ravin (Claire from Lost)

(I am quite probably lurking somewhere in the back)

Jason Wu

Alexander Wang

Kate Mara

Diane von Furstenberg (who bumped into Jen)

Hayden Christensen (so beautiful it gave me heart palpitations)

Michael Kors

Nina Garcia

Isabella Rosselini

Olsen twins (Jen: I spotted a celebrity! Well, I guess they actually count as two)

Dakota Fanning

Jessica Biel

Tonne Goodman

Alexis Bittar (who mildly inappropriately kept kissing Dakota Fanning on the cheek while accepting his award)

Brooke Shields

The men of Rag and Bone

The men of Proenza Schouler

Catherine Malandrino


Anna Wintour (and Grace from Vogue as well)

Sarah Jessica Parker

Anthony Mackie

Christopher Bailey of Burberry

The ode to Christopher Bailey of Burberry was incredibly seductive and set to Duffy’s Distant Dreamer.  I’m hooked.  I might just start a Burberry-hued love affair.


~ by drywoodburstingintoflame on June 8, 2010.

One Response to “CFDA Fashion Awards 2010”

  1. forgot to ask.. did you want non-watermarked versions of these? (while i still have access.

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