Weekend Highlights


Radegast with Pri – always lovely – mostly giggly.  We saw: one very gigantic squirrel painted on the side of a building, Blue Bottle coffee shop, and a whole lot of girls who didn’t quite seem to fit in in Williamsburg.  We also discussed why we prefer Diane Sawyer over Katie Couric, how cute we find Brian Williams, and why we think Ann Curry is top of the Today Show – also we noted that our favorite newscasters – Diane, Brian and Ann, all have rather deep, mellow voice tones.


2010 Metropolitan Odyssey Scavenger Hunt by the fantastic Metro Metro – 2010 location: Governor’s Island, 46 teams of four

Team: Raptors on the Run! comprised of Leah, Jen, Anna and myself

The mayhem started at 9am at the Financial Center in Battery Park City  – and off we went with magnets to gather, plaques and Tot Finders to find, and a ferry to catch, but not without collecting some points in Lower Manhattan.  After team photos in a phone bank, a case of mistaken phone bank identity, all three of the clues from the three Pay Nights, and two bathroom breaks, we were off to the Island, with a healthy dose of mystery and excitement.

Best photo we took: Team photo taken at Picnic Point with the Statue of Liberty in the Island in the background, and the four of us with our feet not touching the ground.

Needless to say, a lot happened, an incredible amount of fun was had, we met some lovely tram guides who gave us rides and told us where some of the answers were, some history was learned about the Island and its former inhabitants and by the end of the day, the beginning of the hunt seemed like a lifetime ago.  Cheers to Metro Metro for an incredibly well organized and fun scavenger hunt with a load of interesting prizes, including trophies with crawling babies, standing babies and golden pigeons adorning the tops.  Hopefully pictures will be posted on Facebook soon!

We will definitely be going back to Governor’s Island this summer given that we thought at multiple times how lovely it would be just to sit down on the grass and have a picnic – of course some of this might be prompted by our tired feet, but despite a vaguely creepy undertone due to the houses, rocking horses in abandoned houses, and the sense that anything could be lurking, the Island is a relaxing and peaceful place.  Note: they also have Civil War soldier demonstrations atop the hill at Fort Jay – this is a warning so you don’t scream like a little girl like I did at the gunfire.


Prime Meats for dinner – a first for me, having been twice only for brunch and having loved the depth of the dining experience.  Again, the waitstaff was impeccably dressed from head to toe, wearing suspenders in a hipster like fashion if I had to label it, but really labeling them hipsters takes all the fun out of the dining experience.  I had a delicious tequila and agave nectar based cocktail to start the dinner off, which was closely followed by a hot pretzel dipped with a mustard made by a company near Yonkers which has been making mustard for 250 years, Bibb salad dotted with pumpkin seeds and pumpkin seed oil from Austria, and oysters from Rhode Island.  For the entree, I savored the incredibly well thought out Beef Bone Marrow – which came with small slices of toasted bread, a head of garlic that had been roasted to the point of spreadability, sea salt, and gremolade – each bit was appreciated and managed to temper the rich and oily marrow.

Favorite moment: My father saying to the very cute waiter with tattoos including a rooster on his forearm, “I really like your tattoos.”  The waiter showed them off a little, and explained the rooster was not for the Year of the Rooster but a high school nickname (do we really want to know why his nickname in high school was a Rooster?  although come to think of it, yes I do) and walked away, and I just mimicked in falsetto, “I really like your tattoos” (eyelash fluttering implied).  Christina chimed in with, “Should we get you his number?”

Weekend away – and back to the work week – although summer is here, and nothing could be better.


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  1. that sounds so lovely. can’t wait to join you for another glorious weekend!! working on supper club special menu:) xx

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