Duncan Sheik at City Winery

Sporting a soul patch and a hearty mustache, Duncan Sheik graced City Winery for one of three nights tonight.  M., L. and I were lured in by the potential of a Spring Awakening tribute – or perhaps what each of us were secretly hoping for was a surprise performance by Lea Michele, Jonathan Groff, or possibly both.  Either way, Spring Awakening made an appearance only in the encore when Duncan sang I Don’t Do Sadness; it was lovely to hear it with more maturity than the intended teen angst filled performance by Jonathan Gallagher Jr. which garnered him a Tony Award.

Duncan spent the first half of the night performing Nick Drake’s Pink Moon album in its entirety, lovely yes, but I am not a Nick Drake aficionado, and found the experience rather lulling.  Perhaps wine + Nick Drake’s Pink Moon was a predictably soothing combination.  Anyways, he moved onto his own material and the second half started off with She Runs Away, followed by a darker song I didn’t recognize, which he decided to chase with “a pop song that appeared in a teen movie” though he had trouble recalling which teen movie it appeared in.  THIS is what I wanted to hear (besides Spring Awakening of course) – because said song was Half Life, which appeared in the Amanda Bynes movie What A Girl Wants.  Sigh – I enjoy Amanda Bynes far more than humanely possible for a 25 year old, but I’ll just chalk it up to the fact that Colin Firth appears in the movie as Amanda’s father, and the film takes place in England.  Recipe for success?  I think so.

The other song Duncan Sheik played with 90’s nostalgia was Barely Breathing.  All in all an enjoyable experience, one which was tempered by our writing of love letter on lined notebook paper to one another, and M.’s passing of her phone number to our waiter, whom I will call Ryan Ryan.  Ballsy.


~ by drywoodburstingintoflame on June 4, 2010.

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