Ever try to imagine the you in five years time? Ten? Twenty?

I do this all the time.  I want to be my boss in twenty years time – well not exactly the same, but with her Norwegian upbringing, her ability to knit well, knit quickly, and knit amazingly chic patterns, not to mention rock the vintage skirts / dresses that are of the shorter persuasion while in her mid-40’s – she seems to be living a life I would happily submit to at that age.

Interestingly enough, this daydream focuses mainly on the me I’d want to be, not the house I’d want to own, or the husband I’d like to have married, but the apartment I’d like to live in, the job I’d like to have, my progression in cooking.  It’s all about the little steps, right?

Anyways, this morning I perused Gigi Guerra’s apartment on Refinery29 and noted her chic, whimsical sensibility utterly rooted in both a charming sophistication and a twelve year old’s ganglyness – all elbows and knees.  And all with her dachshund in tow.  Gigi currently works for Madewell, and is a former Lucky Magazine editor.  I like yo style!  (She also owns a door that NeckFace tagged – what up).

PS.  I think Valerie in five years might be more attached to her other hobbies – rock climbing, surfing, design, documentaries.  :)  Because at 25, I think I’m only really serious about food!


~ by drywoodburstingintoflame on May 19, 2010.

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