Coming real fast at ya – England!

Trip’s coming up but it still feels pretty surreal – probably because the only concrete thing I had done until recently was actually book my flight and ask for time off.  Other than that, have thrown planning out the window for the moment in favor of concentrating on New York weekends / roommate hunting / good books / work.
On Friday I did finally figure out my London accommodation and perhaps this has contributed even more to the surreal experience because I believe I will feel like rock royalty.  Last Thursday night in a tizzy, I emailed various smaller boutique hotels (on the budget end) while scrambling around to find somewhere that would take me in about a week and a half’s time.  I am happy to say that I am staying at what could be or is the world’s smallest boutique hotel.

40 Winks is a Queen Anne townhouse built in 1717 and owned by an interior decorator with 2 guest bedrooms – admiring reviews abound the Interweb including reviews on Apartment Therapy, Vogue and Budget Travel.  Revisiting the area where I studied abroad – Mile End / East London.  And I have never seen the likes of a hotel like this before.  I may need to photograph every aspect of it just so I have proof that it exists, and that I stayed there.

See preview photos below:

Absolutely magical.  Perhaps: London: Rock Fairytale, Oxford: Garden-filled Paradise

P.S. In addition to putting up travelers, 40 Winks also hosts Bedtime Stories nights, which I imagine to be a more posh, costumed version of The Moth.  If I could I would experience this – alas Bedtime Stories night does not coincide with my schedule, but everything about this hotel seems to be darling.

40 Winks


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