Shorty Don’t Wait In Line

Spring is here! It’s been blazing hot all week and I still have a slight tan from last weekend.  :)

And oddly enough am wearing a similar outfit to this girl (photo by Mr. Newton, from Refinery29 post this morning on Spring Outfits).  I am slightly jealous of her long, luxurious, almost-horsey, red-hair.  It’s rather lovely.

Currently listening to: Chad Vaccarino (Margaret and I saw him last night at Mercury Lounge – he was performing with Ian Axel). Previously I’ve only heard him sing on Ian’s song “This Is the New Year” – good in its own right – but last night he sang one of his own “Shorty Don’t Wait in Line” and I can’t get enough. On “This Is the New Year” he has a nice voice, but when he sings his own material, he’s got bluesy soul with an earnestness that’s hard to come by.  Color me impressed.  Listening to his myspace page, I’m thoroughly enjoying his other songs – including “Don’t You Worry” and its opening refrain:

“I told my friend I’m giving up on love

She said don’t be serious you’re way too young

And I’m trying to see the bigger picture in all this

It’s too hard to believe there’s a reason for it

Cause it all comes around, cause it all comes around

Don’t you worry, don’t you worry”

Good things DO come in small packages.

Chad Vaccarino!

Image of the Day (found while researching living fossils): Sign posted in Zoo in Estonia.  Please do not feed your daughters to crocodiles.


~ by drywoodburstingintoflame on May 7, 2010.

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