Weekend Highlights


Another meeting of the Brooklyn Ladies Bocce Club.  There was a mention of getting each other surprise gifts.  Leah and I did not take this seriously.  Little did we know that Margaret and Lacey do not take the giving of surprise gifts lightly.  Lacey gave out earrings, Margaret bestowed upon us monster finger puppets, and Leah fed us with chocolate Easter bunnies.  I gave nothing, and therefore got the middle finger.

We met two people at the bar – one of whom used to date a boy I went to high school with.  Small world.  We also made friends with the bartender – she was slapped at a wedding by an ex’s new girlfriend and in retaliation her then current boyfriend made her ex eat paper and knifed him.  She dubbed me Crispie Bunny and I had no complaints given her proclivity to knifings.

Games of Bocce played: Two

One text message proclaiming my friend’s engagement.

One alarming incident which involved me thinking we were all locked out of my apartment.  We were not.  We also have two doors.

One case of an almost missing wallet.


An early Saturday morning brunch at Bubbys in Tribeca.  10 am is early.  Anyways the butter (made in upstate NY) was divine and I may have tasted a small dollop of pure butter.  As was my lobster omelette with fingerling potatoes and spring onions.  Pancakes = good.  Grits were a little disappointing.  As was the overwhelming kiddie population.  Go away kids.

Tribeca Film Festival – I saw Keep Surfing about river surfing in Germany.  The director was there for a Q & A after the film, and fielded questions about the bangup good job he did with the editing – both film and sound, and POV of filming the surfing.  There were definitely a lot of incredible slow motion shots of the surfers at the Eisbach in Munich.  Loved the added nicknames for the surfers including “The Godfather”, “The Janitor”, “The Pro”, “The Brain” and the love with which they spoke about river surfing and the culture in general.

Then off to the PEN World Voices Festival (after a quick bite of sushi) to hear a panel on war journalism – always a pleasure hearing Philip Gourevitch speak.  Drinks with Pri at V Bar, ramen at May Chan Robotayaki, drinks at Summit Bar, then Lilly’s bday at Cafe Charbon.

All in all – good but exhausting.  Good food, good friends, good day in New York.


My favorite rule of weekends might be having an iced latte from Red Horse.  Also the weather – hot, humid, sticky, burgeoning thunderstorms – warranted one.  And off to a picnic at the Brooklyn Botanic Gardens to enjoy the cherry blossoms at Sakura Matsuri.  Unfortunately the warm weather had brought the cherry blossom bloom an entire month ago and all that was left were the brown carcasses.  Nonetheless, sitting under the blossom-less trees on blankets, eating pita, guacamole, bread, hummus, carrots, cucumbers, cheese, proscuitto and various delights was fantastic in itself.  The taiko drums buzzed in the background, as an interesting cast of characters roamed the grounds (its true that if you invite one oddity, you invite them all), and mini hapas ran circles around their parents.  Food coma set in – then over-exposure to sun hysteria took its place and we had a battle of 80s music vs. 90s music complete with a group rendition of the Backstreet Boys’ “I Want It That Way.”  Some songs are just universal.

Leah’s comment “It’s so stressful taking kids on the subway”, followed by a pause, prompted a chorus by the peanut gallery of “well maybe you shouldn’t be stealing kids on the subway” and “oh yes, its very stressful when their parents are yelling at you not to kidnap their children.”

Weekends are entirely too short and wonderful.  :)


~ by drywoodburstingintoflame on May 2, 2010.

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