Tis the season for NEUTRALS

It’s months til Labor Day (the outdated deadline by which date you’re not “supposed” to wear white after – if you do, fashion faux pas?) – let’s throw white to the wind and celebrate with NEUTRALS!  (And spring florals).  But, today case in point, ever since I purchased a pair of white jeans at Uniqlo, chalking up the number of white pants I own to a whooping two, I’ve been crazy about white pants.  I mean, up until this point, the number was zero.

Refinery29’s Guide to A Mastery of Neutrals

So today’s outfit is shockingly similar to what this blog is prescribing.  Wearing: Uniqlo white jeans – cuffed at the ankle, tan suede moccasins, Uniqlo oatmeal v-neck tshirt, bright blue J.Crew cardigan and a bright green/yellow tassled scarf to top it off.  Or maybe my side braid tops it off.  Regardless.

I don’t consider neutrals at all “frumpy” or they make you look “wider than you are”.  Adds a touch of Italian glamour and sophistication I say.  Don’t you think?


~ by drywoodburstingintoflame on April 16, 2010.

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