Macaron Day – March 20th – Let’s recap the goodness!

Macarons – the new cupcake?

“François Payard, chef and owner of François Chocolate Bar in New York, is organizing the first annual Macaron Day in NYC on Saturday, March 20, 2010. Macaron Day NYC is inspired by and will coincide with the 5th annual Jour du Macaron in Paris, created by Pierre Hermé.

Join us on Saturday, March 20 to discover macarons in New York as bakeries across the city come together to provide free macarons to customers.”

Oh yeeaaah…According to one “news” media source, macarons ARE the new cupcake.  Need proof?  Exhibit A:  Gossip Girl.  Chuck brings back macarons for Blair from Paris.  Yes America, this is the new cupcake and this is your cultural zeitgeist.

Pri, Margaret and I stopped by Almondine (Park Slope) for our complimentary macaron in celebration of Macaron Day – a tradition we hope will continue well into the future.  Merci Monsieur Payard!  Quite delectable!

Pri opted for a chocolate eclair + macaron.

And I marveled at the chocolate goodness oozing out.  And off we went to Aperture Gallery (Magnum Photographers’ Gallery) to view the Flamenco photography and media exhibit – exploring flamenco as a part of gypsy culture.

Curious about what the apartments in this converted building look like.

Forgotten drink at the edge of Manhattan’s west side, urban wasteland.  We happened upon the bottle just sitting there all lonely-like.

Typical Pri – on the phone – AGAIN.  Just kidding!


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