Supper Club – March 16, 2010

Guests: Me, Leah, Pri, Jen

Location: Leah’s Apartment in Park Slope

Menu: Chicken and fennel, roasted potato slices and a fennel and arugula salad

Dessert: Tiny treats from Sweet Melissa Patisserie and Haagen Daaz Passion Fruit ice cream

Entertainment: Jen juggles lemons and the girls oogle Sawyer as an often shirtless cop in Lost.

Tripod Productions

Jen juggles our lemons.

Pri peels the garlic while Jen eats the raw garlic.

A peu du vin

Et voila!

Supper Club!

She’s laughing because she’s pretend testing the chicken.  In reality, she knows its ready and tastes good.  She just wants to show off her Le Creuset dutch oven.  Oh the magic.

It’s almost like Ksenia was there!


~ by drywoodburstingintoflame on March 17, 2010.

2 Responses to “Supper Club – March 16, 2010”

  1. love you guys!! :) You all look beautiful as does the food. I have a crush on the le creuset in particular.
    The chicken looks fantastic. Fennel for everyone!

  2. Great pictures!!! The le creuset and fennel missed you.

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