First Official Meeting of the Supper Club

March 4, 2010

Location: Priyanka’s apartment

Evidence of the trick door handle.  See Exhibit A.  Refrigerator looks like it should be able to open from this side.  It does not.

Guests: Pri, Leah, Val, Irene, Mallika + Pri’s two roommates – Diana and McKenna

Menu: Keema and Chole with a side of naan to deaden the spice which almost deadened Leah

Direction: I made them sniff the chole

Taa da!  It was DELICIOUS!

This meeting of the Supper Club was brought to you by: Leah Tucker and TVLand – now featuring Joan Rivers asking wealthy individuals how they made their wealth.  Thanks for the champagne TVLand!

Dessert: Sweet Revenge cupcakes – peanut butter, mexican vanilla, decadent dark chocolate and red velvet

All in all, a delightful first official meeting of Supper Club!  I definitely want the recipes from Pri to try myself, and we’ll have to fold paper cranes for Pri’s room.  Next up: Leah Tucker and her amazing Le Creuset dutch oven.  Kisses to all.

Tally: 1 double bottle of champagne, 1 video about Hitler Hipsters, and 1 count of Facebook stalking

~ by drywoodburstingintoflame on March 7, 2010.

3 Responses to “First Official Meeting of the Supper Club”

  1. *foot stomping tantrum* i wanna be there :(

    looks like much fun! and yes, leah tucker & her amazing blue le creuset are up next.

    Love the lamp in Pri’s room!! xx

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