Latest obsession: Ricotta

Ever since I tried Bon Appetit’s recipe for Soft Scrambled Eggs with Fresh Ricotta and Chives I’ve been hooked.  (Ordinary, amazingly fresh milk ricotta mind you – not ricotta salata)

What is it about the soft, creamy combination that immediately elevates a simply mid-week breakfast into something to look forward to?  I’ve always left out the chives and the result is still pretty spectacular.  Sometimes for breakfast, all I want is an Eggo, but sometimes, I go all out elegant for soft scrambled eggs with ricotta on multigrain English muffins.

I’ve started taking my ricotta obsession to work in the form of organic Amish-style ricotta (found at Whole Foods) on top of Whole Food’s rosemary bread – pure heaven.  Last week I had Pugliese bread from Sullivan Street Bakery – toasted – covered with fresh ricotta from Salvatore Brooklyn, and Molasses Proscuitto ever so lovingly and thinly sliced from Grab Specialty Foods in Park Slope.  Now if that doesn’t say over-top-foodie, I don’t know what does.  Or maybe it just says crazy person.  At least well-fed crazy person.

Other recipes that incorporate ricotta that I could try once I’ve moved on from ricotta on toast:

For squash blossom season

In the mood for Radicchio

And a pasta dish to round it out

My sources of fresh RICOTTA:

Salvatore Brooklyn’s ricotta (a denser, richer ricotta – very spreadable)

Ricotta from Russo’s in Park Slope (still milky, but not as heavy)

Amish-style (not sure how the Amish people make it better, but organic sure is tasty – good consistency for scrambled eggs)


~ by drywoodburstingintoflame on March 3, 2010.

One Response to “Latest obsession: Ricotta”

  1. amazingly well-fed food-crazy person me thinks:) sounds delicious. I have to admit I had about half a whole foods ricotta just by itself after dinner yesterday… :)

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