Pronouncing these words incorrectly will make you sound like an ass

An idiot’s guide to foodie terms:

Porchetta: por-KETT-ah
Guacamole: huaca-MO-lay
Espresso: ess-PRESS-oh (there’s no “ex” sound)
Tagliatelle: tahl-ya-TELL-eh
Gewurtzraminer: ge-VOORTZ-tra-meener
Cassoulet: cass-ooh-LAY
Rillettes: ree-YET
Macaron: mah-cah-ROn (swallow the R at the end; don’t confuse it with the coconutty “macaroon,” which is pronounced as it’s spelled)
Quinoa: KEEN-wah
Nicoise: nee-SWAhs
Paillard: pie-YARD
Paella: pa-EYH-ah
Claret: cla-rett (exactly as it’s spelled — this isn’t a French word)
Bouillabaisse: BOOL-ya-base

Read more: Menu Minefields: How Do You Pronounce Gewurztraminer? — Grub Street Chicago


~ by drywoodburstingintoflame on February 24, 2010.

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